Acupuncture In New York, NY

Blue Lotus Acupuncture Center is a holistic, compassionate healing community that honors each individual’s spirit and healing journey. Its core is the knowledge and practice of traditional Chinese medicine — the world’s longest continuously practiced medical system.

At Blue Lotus, we offer an integrative approach — acupuncture, Chinese herbs and body work — to improve overall health and treat many conditions including pain, stress, chronic illness, HIV/AIDS, fertility/pregnancy, and the side effects of Western medical drugs and treatments.

The blue lotus symbolizes the victory of spirit over senses. Our philosophy, experience, and skills help us guide patients on the road to physical, mental and spiritual healing.


We believe that health care is a human right and that every patient should be able to determine what type of treatment he/she receives.

Blue Lotus offers a compassionate, holistic healing community, practicing traditional Chinese medical modalities that work as an independent healing system. They also may enhance established Western medicine, resulting in better health.

Our practice is unique. Non-judgmental and accepting, we take the time to listen to patients, so we can understand their problems, needs and concerns, and advocate for their improved well-being.

We believe that compassion, communication, community and humor are essential to healing.

Our ultimate goal is your physical, mental and spiritual balance, wellness and peace.


Blue Lotus founder Jacqueline Haught has been practicing acupuncture for over 30 years. She is experienced in many different systems and styles of acupuncture, including the classical lineages of Master Tong and Daoist-based secondary meridian therapies, as well as trauma-focused therapies.

Blue Lotus treatments are based on theories used when traditional Chinese medicine was the main system of treatment in Asia and most of the world — the most sophisticated therapy of its time.

Those theories are still relevant today. The popularity and growth of acupuncture in America today is the result of its effectiveness and successful outcomes.

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