After going to Blue Lotus Healing Center for a year and a half, I have never felt better… I have many chronic conditions that I needed help
managing — diabetes, cystic fibrosis, double-lung transplant, sinus
infections, and depression. With the help of Jackie and her amazing
staff of body work therapists, all of these problems are more manageable.
I am much stronger and feel more hopeful.

AE, New York City

From the moment I walk into the Blue Lotus Acupuncture Center (which
I have been doing for many years now) I feel the strong dedication to
healing that really is the spirit on the place.  Everyone is welcomed with
smiles and warmth that are infectious.  Jackie Haught is a gifted practitioner of acupuncture,  and her insights are profound.  Her dedication to her patients and to her colleagues seems boundless.  And she has arrayed a coterie of very talented and caring bodywork therapists to round out the experience….  

I can't recommend the Center enough.

MF, New York City

I came to Blue Lotus three years ago with ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease. My doctors told me my condition was incurable and asked me to make appointments every three months to monitor my decline as it progressed.

Immediately Jackie and Fred began an intensive effort to research how my illness was treated in China and also consulted with other acupuncture and herbal practitioners on how to treat my condition. Their willingness to go the extra mile has been immeasurably gratifying. The results are that my condition has been relatively stable and I'm still able to do all the things I could three years ago. I'm a stand-up comedian and writer, and one aspect of Fred and Jackie's treatments that I particularly enjoy is the warm, friendly, often humorous atmosphere of their office.

Every time I’ve visited Blue Lotus, Jackie, Fred and their entire team have shown me that health care works best when the emphasis is on caring. Blue Lotus cares about you and your health and that's the best healthcare anyone can receive.

BS, New York City

When I was first referred to Jackie Haught in 2006, my response was that I couldn't afford to go.  It turns out I couldn't have afforded not to go.  Jackie and Fred have brought my chronic stomach problem under control through acupuncture and herbs. 

More importantly, Jackie has helped me become more physically and mentally balanced, getting me through a very difficult time in my life.  I think of Blue Lotus as an oasis where I can go to replenish myself physically, mentally and psychically. 

Its staff is a community that is there to nurture and support me.

LJY, New York City

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