We believe that any condition can be improved, and our staff works as a team to make sure this happens.  We do whatever it takes to help patients become well, including researching conditions and treatments, soliciting advice and referring patients, when necessary.  We will use every resource possible to help you heal.

Sessions typically include acupuncture and 15 minutes of body work. Treatment may also include recommendations for a regimen of Chinese herbs.

Our breadth of expertise allows us to determine the level and type of acupuncture and herbs necessary to address and resolve patient issues. 

Blue Lotus treatments work on deep energy levels.  Our goal is to support your body’s ability to move and rebalance its energies and heal.  This ultimately leads to better health.

Our acupuncturists practice many modalities, including Master Tong, Chinese classical (Jeffrey Yuen) and Chinese and Japanese (Kiiko Matsumoto) meridian systems.

As a community-based practice, Blue Lotus can provide the frequency of treatment you need, increasing the effectiveness and longevity of its results.  Our qualified staff communicates with one another to ensure that Blue Lotus patients receive consistent follow-up, care and support, all of which facilitates the healing process.

We offer home visits for those who cannot come to the office including disabled, elderly and pregnant patients.

The Blue Lotus community is here to support you and help you heal on multiple levels — physical, emotional and spiritual.

Specialties/Conditions Treated

Pain/pain syndromes/injuries

Stress (including post traumatic stress


Chronic illness (digestive, musculoskeletal, neurological)

        ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)

        Chronic fatigue syndrome

        Chronic Lyme disease     

        Cystic fibrosis


        Multiple sclerosis (MS)

        Parkinson’s disease





Skin conditions

Complimentary treatment for cancer patients

Smoking cessation



What We Do

Blue Lotus Acupuncture Center offers traditional Chinese medicine treatments for a
wide-range of physical and emotional conditions.

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