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Phyllis Bloom has studied Chinese Herbology as part of her Chinese Medical training since 1984. She was a graduate of the first class of Tri-State College of Acupuncture and began herb studies with Ted Kaptchuk shortly thereafter.

Subsequently, she studied with Jeffrey Yuen, a renown international teacher and Taoist priest, and continues those studies to date. Her other primary influence in diagnosis and treatment comes from Dr. Leon Hammer, who codified and developed the Pulse Diagnosis work of Dr. John Shen, through Dragon Rises Seminars. Phyllis is a certified teacher in this system. This pulse analysis informs her understanding of each person in a very individualized way, and is one of the bases of her herbal prescriptions.

Phyllis' background includes education and certifications in Massage Therapy and Social Work. She has deep connections to Tai Qi and to Buddhist meditation as well and enjoys integrating body-mind energetics in her work.

She has taught within the field and currently works both in Woodstock, NY and in NYC.

Contact info: 212 967-1393

Phyllis Bloom, L.Ac, NCCAOM